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Honest Financial Help For Public Employees


John Bustrum Financial is 110% dedicated to helping educators around the country make the smartest retirement choices.  John Bustrum is a 2nd generation advisor just for educators and public employees. He joined the family firm in 1992.   His father David L Bustrum started in the business of helping educators in 1974.  So for over 44 years we have been helping educators just like you achieve the dream of an amazing retirement.  Currently John Bustrum financial has hundreds of clients that range from elementary teachers, junior high, high school and administrators.  If you are the type of individual that is seeking a financial counselor that can help you with the hard choices of retirement than you have found the best source. 

School Support Staff

You don't have to do this future retirement planning by yourself.  John Bustrum financial can guide you through this process.  We know everything there is to know about your retirement needs. How To Choose The Correct PERS Choice.  How Does Social Security Effect My Retirement?  How To Reduce My Taxes And Increase My Income. There is so many important decisions to make regarding your very own personal financial needs.  Contactl Us Anytime To Discuss Your Needs. 

Community College Educators & Staff

We work with community college educators and support staff.  You need to concentrate on the things that you do best... Teaching... Let John Bustrum financial take away your stress and free up your hard pressed time.  John Bustrum will become your very own personal Financial CEO.  We will take care of all your financial needs:  Future retirement planning, Tax reductions strategies, Estate planning and all the other important financial decisions you will have to make.  Contact Us Anytime To Discuss Your Needs. 

Police Officers & Nurses

John Bustrum financial is very aware of all your financial needs regarding your very own unique profession.  We have helped many police and nurses with their current financial needs.  How to plan for their futures regarding making the right retirement choices or taking advantage of their very own personal investments.  We just have a real passion for public employees and their families.  We would love to help you with your needs.  Contact Us Anytime.

Everybody Else...

The tools and techniques that we use everyday apply to everyone... We work with a niche in order to be the best however along with that we work with spouses and families that range in all professions.  We would love to have a conversation anytime to discuss how we can work for you.  Contact Us Anytime.

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