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Why Choose John Bustrum Financial?


John D. Bustrum is a second generation financial advisor.  He has been helping educators and their families since 1992.  John D. Bustrum is licensed by the Department of Insurance of California and many other states.  He is also a licensed tax preparer from the state of California and has personally prepared over 3,000 individual tax returns. He places a high value on the families that he works with to provide financial strategies year round to his clientele.


There are few firms in the United State that just specialize working with Educators and Public Employees.  John D.Bustrum is dedicated to the success of Educators around the country  in making the smartest choices when it comes to their retirement needs. 


You do not need to do this alone... This is the very reason when you work with John D. Bustrum you will get Honest, Ethical advice based on your own personal financial situation.  I believe in treating all my clients like family.  My clients are my shareholders and it because of them that I am able to support my family.  I take that very seriously and would never jeopardize my clients futures over my needs. 


You can't do this journey of life alone.  This is the very reason I come to work everyday. I love working with my clients on achieving their personal and financial goals.  I will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter on this life's journey.  This business is more than the latest financial products and more about what is going to help my clients personally and their families. 


I have been married to South African Queen Giselle for 19 years.  She is my rock and the shinning star of my life and my biggest supporter.  I have 3 amazing children which you will get to know when you become a client.  Jack my 16 year old sophomore at Orange Lutheran High School Orange CA.  Emma Jane:  My spunky 14 year old 8th grader.  Abby Rose: my little 10 year old surfer girl.  

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