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How To Invest For Your Financial Future With Uncle Sam's Money

WHY:  The government wants you to succeed financially at your retirement.  You see the government does not want you to rely on Social Security to secure your future.  This is the very reason that establishing your very own Private Pension Plan with Uncle Sam's blessing can greatly increase your long term retirement income needs. 

HOW:  You need to start contributing to your very own Private Pension Plan.  You have many investment choices as a educator but let's start with the most beneficial.  Establishing a Pre-taxable contribution account or according to the income tax code 403b.  This established account was created to help you fund your future retirement needs and SAVE yourself thousands of income taxes you will pay over 40 years. 

You Need To Pay Yourself First:  That is it this is no mystery...


John Bustrum financial has helped educators and their families establish their very own Private Pension Plans for over 40 years.  Alarming statics show that less than 40% of educators around the country are contributing to their own future retirement needs.  This is very scary...  You need to get educated on how to start an account today... Don't delay the process...

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