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Retire When You Want And Have Income You Will Never Outlive

You are given the greatest asset and that is time.  You see most people will have a working lifespan of over 40 years. Basically we start our first time full time job at 25 and work to the ripe old age of 65.  Forty years is a long time and with proper planning we should have another 30 years to have so fun and relax.

You want to know the #1 Financial Secret To An Amazing Retirement? 

Proper planning and execution of your very own financial path.  You see we are all different and we have many separate financial goals.  There is no magic pill that will guarantee you any success.  However with the right financial coach on your side you can achieve great goals. 

​Our goal at John Bustrum is to be that coach.  We know with proper planning and execution you will be able to retire in style.  If you planning is done properly and you have the right mindset to achieve your very own personal plan you too can have a retirement you can't outlive. 

Your retirement will start with your Pension Plan that you currently have with the state you work with.  This pension set up property before you retire will allow you to maximize your retirement needs and provide most of your needed income goals. 

The other source will come from you own Private Pension Plan that you set up before and at retirement.  This plan is set up to give you the supplemental income that you will need to make up any gap your Pension Plan does not meet.  The combination of these two plans will allow most educators and their families to have an increasing income at retirement. 

This is just an introduction to the concepts.  You will need to have a conversation with a qualified expert in order to move forward.  Contact Us Anytime To Discuss Your Personal Situation. 

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